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State Theatre Immersive Exhibition, Apr 2021

The State Theatre Immersive Event, titled ‘Discover the State Theatre in All of Us’, was hosted by the New World Development to showcase the original state of the State Theatre, the historical research and conservation plans before the start of the conservation works. We were invited to take part in the curatorial and scenography design of the event. The original shops and artefacts of the site were accentuated through a careful process of selection and curation, and highlighted the historical atmosphere of the site. Additional elements necessary for the functioning of the event were designed with reference to the original design of the State Theatre, or similar aesthetics of the late 1950s and early 1960s. For instance, the design of the main took reference of the original design and visualised the width and grandeur of the entrance before its modifications in the 1980s. Other design elements of the event also received similar treatments to ensure a consisent aesthetics throughout the entire event.

In collaboration with: MSL Hong Kong, Studio RYTE

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