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Recollection: Tao Ho - A Research and Exhibition Project, Sep 2024

This research and exhibition project based on newly available archival materials of Tao Ho endeavours to evaluate the late architect in an updated and comprehensive manner that appeals to the general audience, young architects and designers in the region.

Rather than penning a biography that centres around his professional life, the project intent to portray his persona and philosophies by studying his essays, correspondence, poetry, artworks, and media interviews, as part of the discourses around his works of architecture. Thirty to fifty artefacts are sorted in parallel with his work to elucidate various career stages. The findings, supplemented by interviews with his peers, colleagues, and students, will be presented in an exhibition scheduled to take place at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in June 2023. The materials produced from the research will also be included in a separate publication aimed to be published in mid-late 2023.

(All Images Courtesy of the Tao Ho Foundation)

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