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Wall of Bricks | 煉瓦の壁
Proposal for Setouchi Biennale 2022

Project Type: Installation Design

Status: Concept Design

WALL OF BRICKS is an installation that explores the bridge between Time and Place. It embodies the conceptual connections between two islands: Inujima and Peng Chau, Hong Kong. It brings together the old and the new, the sea and the island, heritage and innovation, industrial products and natural environment. Using four types of bricks that represent different time and place, the installation is a collage of different meanings and culture based on the ruins of the Copper Refinery in Inujima.

The project is a site-specific work that explores the connection between Peng Chau, an outlying island in Hong Kong, and Inujima, one of the islands in Setouchi. The islands share a similar historical background and identity as places that suffered from the consequences of industrialization, with Inujima being the site for the Copper Refinery in the past, and Peng Chau being the heritage site for the Limekiln Factory. The project seeks to explore the cultural link between the two islands and explore the future of these industrial sites.

The wall is made up of 4 kinds of bricks — Slag Brick , Lime Brick , Eco-Brick  and Bio-Brick. The 4 kinds of bricks represent Inujima, Peng Chau, the sea, and technological innovation respectively. They are made up of materials that are either products of industrial development, or sustainable materials that come from the natural environment.The arrangement of the bricks is generated from the edge condition of the original ruined wall of slag bricks at the site. The variation in sizes of the bricks create dynamics in the overall composition.

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